What is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2019?

As a quick overview, here are the top three differences between Office 365 and Office 2019:

- Pricing: Office 365 is a monthly subscription model that can be paid annually whereas Office 2019 is a “one-time purchase”.
- Apps/Updates: Office 365 enables access to the full Office apps in the latest versions/updates whereas Office 2019 only provides the features available at the time of purchase meaning no future updates to the applications will be included.

A Game Changing Partnership: GameChange Solar Success Story

GameChange Solar is a renewable energy company based in New York City with multiple offices across Europe and Asia. GameChange Solar (GCS) is inspired to leverage superior design, technology, and manufacturing innovation to lower solar energy costs.

Founded in 2012 the company has faced a fast-growing pace since its inception.

Microsoft Teams Tips Every NYC Business Should Know

As businesses in Greater New York City area, and all throughout New York state, adjust to the new normal of working from home, a big puzzle for workers and managers alike is figuring out Microsoft Teams.

Teams are very easy to activate and use at a basic level for anyone who’s used chat rooms, conference calls like Skype or Zoom, or any other office application.

VPN: A quick way to secure remote work connections

A lot of us are suddenly working from home, but few are taking enough safety precautions. Remember, cybercriminals may take advantage of these circumstances to attempt to infiltrate organizations.
So, how can we make sure our sensitive data remains encrypted and secure?

The answer: get a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

VPN is part of a layered security plan and it’s particularly useful for granting remote access safely.

Technology Checklist for SMB’s now Working from Home

You’re home and you’re working. The same goes for your team, and this means everyone.

It won’t last forever (we hope), but it is going to be a little while until we get back to normal.

Your IT department or partner is probably going at 110% right now as they get each person ready to work from home, and they are going to deserve a prize when things settle down.

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