Awareness Work-from-Home Deployment Kit

Awareness Work-from-Home Deployment Kit


Everything you need to know to create a secure work-from-home workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Quickly train employees to work (and children to learn) from home safely and securely.

In response to COVID-19, organizations worldwide are implementing work-from-home policies. Yet for many organizations, managing a remote workforce is new which means they lack the processes and technologies to secure employees at home.

At SANS Security Awareness, we want to do whatever we can to ensure companies can train and secure their remote workforce. That is why we have released the Securely Working from Deployment Kit, everything you need to quickly train and secure your remote workforce. These resources and training materials are a combination of both our public resources and paid training materials which we are releasing for free. We understand that this is a unique situation and we want to do everything we can to help.

Working (and learning) From Home Securely

For larger organizations that need to rollout a security training initiative to secure your workforce, use the Deployment Kit below. For very small organizations, families or individuals, simply reference the factsheet below. Finally, for parents who need to secure their kids online reference the resources at the bottom of the page.

For Organizations - Securely Working From Home Deployment Kit

This kit provides a strategic step-by-step guide on how to quickly execute an awareness initiative to secure your remote workforce, including how to identify what to teach your workforce, the top risks to focus on, what departments to coordinate with and how to effectively engage and communicate to your workforce. In addition, for each risk, we link to a library of training material—such as videos, infographics, podcasts, newsletters, digital signage and more! All training materials linked from the Deployment Guide are available in different modalities and languages to meet the unique needs and culture of your organization.

Download the Deployment Kit

For Individuals - Securely Working From Home Factsheet

For very small organizations or individuals who want to learn more about how to protect themselves at home, we provide this simple Factsheet that covers five key steps to securing yourself.

Download the Factsheet

For Parents - Securing Your Kids Online

For parents and guardians who are looking for guidance to protect their kids at home. Numerous school districts are moving to an eLearning format, where children stay and learn from home leveraging online forums. This is a fantastic opportunity for kids as they get to leverage the latest in technology. But with these changes come potential risks. As such, we are releasing all of our training materials on how to secure today’s kids online. We recommend you start by reviewing the video first, then download, review and share the OUCH newsletter.

Short video that summarizes how to best secure your kids online (choose from 30 different languages).

Use these tips from the OUCH! Newsletter to educate your kids (choose from 20 different languages).

Watch our webcast with vital information on how to secure your kids.

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