PC Health Check

Nero Consulting’s PC Health Check equips your business with advanced monitoring agents installed on your network. This monitors your computers to ensure they are operating at peak performance. And if certain thresholds are being exceeded, for example a hard drive that’s running low on disk space or a CPU that’s spiking in activity for a long time, this gives indications to our software that problems might arise soon. At this point, our staff gets alerted, and they can proactively fix the issue before a problem occurs. Likewise, a computer that does not have the latest Windows updates and drivers is at risk for infection or crashes. Our monitoring will proactively prevent these occurrences.

Proactive PC maintenance by Nero Consulting catches and fixes small problems before they swell into technology emergencies, and virtually eliminates downtime in the process.

Here’s how PC Health Check can reduce downtime:

  • Automatic check and patching of Microsoft, Adobe, Java, Mozilla and other software packages
  • Helps reduce TCO by centralizing vulnerabilities, scanning, patch management and network audits
  • Reporting on security status and applications to ensure everything is properly configured to protect your users and network

Proactive maintenance for servers and other advanced devices

We offer 24x7 NOC support which allows us to establish performance baselines and separate false-positives or non-critical issues from critical ones that are happening. Because most issues determined to be non-critical can be resolved after business hours, this proactive approach minimizes interruptions.

Through ongoing data collection and analysis, our NOC engineers can fine-tune thresholds based on your actual network activity and predict a variety of issues with even greater accuracy. All events are logged and will be reported at the end of the month to you.