Off-Site Backup

These days relying on tape media for backing up company data is not only outdated and cumbersome, it can be an outright risk to your organization. There is much research out there today that points out the inconsistency, low reliability, and user error that is associated with employees managing a plethora of tapes. This is why companies of all sizes today are exploring cloud backups or data that can be transferred off-site and recovered with relative ease if necessary.

What is Cloud Backup?

To understand what an off-site "Cloud Backup" is, one must understand data and where it resides. Data can refer to any files stored on a computing device, documents, spreadsheets, pictures, music, databases files, powerpoints, etc. If the files only exist on a single device, for example an employee's workstation or a company's server, then inherently there is a single point of access.

Workstations, servers, and external hard drives such as NAS devices tend to breakdown (usually at the most inconvenient of times) at one point or another - it is the nature of technology. Hard drive mechanical failures, computer viruses, spyware and malware, human error and of course the environment do bad things to good technology.

The best protection from a disaster is having a meaningful off-site backup and disaster recovery strategy in place. The solution? Cloud Backup which is a means to transport and replicate files amongst off-site devices, such as servers, and store them safely and securely.

Together with a local backup solution, cloud backups from Nero CloudSafe will allow your business to backup data to our remote off-site facilities. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your data is safe, without having to worry about employees changing tapes or involving physical transportation of data from place to place.