Managed Services

If you’re tired of technology headaches and disruptions that plague your business on a weekly basis, consider Managed Services by Nero Consulting. With this service, you’ll gain access to your very own virtual IT department. Our expert technicians host your technology offsite, monitor and maintain it 24/7, and then deliver it to your business via the internet. This ensures technology is out of sight and out of mind for you and your employees, so you can completely focus on your business without any IT distractions.

Unlike a traditional break/fix service model, Managed Services look after your technology proactively, instead of reactively. This ensures your IT is running smoothly on a daily basis and that you’re never hit with surprise technology repairs that wreak havoc on your budget and productivity.

Here’s how your business can benefit from Managed Services:

  • More productivity, less downtime - because we look after your systems in real time, you’ll experience far fewer problems and virtually no downtime
  • Enjoy rapid remote support - remote access allows us to repair most issues without having to disrupt you onsite
  • Get a predictable IT budget - because our Managed Services are billed at a flat monthly fee, you’ll plan your IT budget with a far higher degree of accuracy
  • Sleep easy - you have enough to worry about which is why you should let us take the weight of IT and network hassles off your shoulders
  • Gain enhanced security - we’ll help you design a backup disaster and recovery plan so you can maintain operations no matter what comes your way