Local Backup

Still using tape? Hopefully not. But if your business is still relying on tape media for backups, please read this. Today, most companies use tape backups because they think online backup is expensive (it's not!), complicated (not true) or safer on-premise rather than stored in the cloud (heck no!)

Cloud-based backups, which transfer your files securely off-site, are not only more affordable today than ever before but are also a reliable way to automate your backups - ensuring your data is always safe.

With a Nero CloudSafe local backup solution tied in with Nero CloudSafe online backup, you’ll no longer juggle daily/weekly/monthly tape rotations. Instead, you’ll have everything you love about tape backups (easy access to your data) combined with the power of the cloud (fast and local data storage replicated securely off-site!)

With the use of CloudSafe's local backup system, you can backup your important files with encryption to an external USB drive, a local network location, a USB key, or any other local medium for additional protection. If a recovery needs to happen, you will have instant, on-demand access to restore your data at anytime.