Managed IT Security

Cybercrime is a rapidly growing criminal business, impacting millions of people and organizations around the world. Cybercrime costs the global economy up to USD$500 billion annually. Consumers will spend USD$25 billion and 1.2 billion hours dealing with security issues from counterfeit software in 2014. And one in five small- and medium-sized businesses have been targeted by cybercrime.


Nero Consulting puts tools in place to proactively monitor and defend our customers network and system security. If we detect suspicious login activity or see emails with phishing attempts, we will notify you in advance or proactively resolve it immediately. dddblostoremotely.

Here’s how IT Security protects your business better:


  • Application-aware traffic control: for example IT can set bandwidth policies based on Layer 7 application type (e.g., YouTube, Skype, P2P).
  • Content filtering: CIPA-compliant content filter
  • Intrusion prevention: PCI-compliant IPS sensor using industry-leading SNORT® signature database from Cisco Sourcefire.
  • Anti-virus and anti-phishing protection
  • Identity-based security policies and application management.


  • 100% Virus Filtering
  • 99.5% Spam Filtering
  • Spoofing protection
  • Encryption and DLP
  • Strip and Link Large Attachments
  • Disclaimer Management
  • Spam Management for users
  • Smart Device Access (MDM)
  • User Quarantine Management
  • Archiving
  • In-Place Archiving & eDiscovery

In addition, through our network of technicians and industry partners, we have access to the top technology, legal, and forensics experts, working with top organizations around the world -- including Europol, the FBI, Interpol, academia, global governmental agencies, and nongovernmental organizations -- to help us combat some of the most widespread, intricate, and organized cybercriminals. Reach out to us at 888-532-2307 or send an email to to learn more