How to choose the safest web browser

How to choose the safest web browser

The internet is filled with cyberthreats that can quickly put a company out of business. These threats often infiltrate business networks through unsecured web browsers, and using incognito mode is not a surefire way to keep you safe. To ensure your online safety, here’s a list of the most secure browsers you can use.

Tor Browser

Tor is the browser of choice when it comes to online anonymity and privacy. Endorsed by former computer intelligence consultant Edward Snowden, Tor is built with a unique connection method called onion routing. This method protects users from browser fingerprinting and keeps them anonymous regardless of what site they visit. Tor’s encryption is so good that it’s the only browser capable of accessing the dark web.


Developed by JavaScript creator Brendan Eich, Brave comes with Brave Shield, which automatically blocks ad trackers. Additionally, the browser doesn’t auto-collect and sell user data, allowing users to keep their information safe and private from third parties and malicious entities.

Mozilla Firefox

Unlike browsers like Safari and Google Chrome, Firefox is open source, which means cybersecurity experts can review its source code for any potential vulnerabilities. Firefox is updated regularly and comes with various security options that let users configure different levels of protection, such as:

  • Anti-fingerprinting
  • Improved tracking protection
  • Data breach notifications
  • 256-bit encryption


Epic browser was developed with built-in safeguards against third-party widgets, cryptocurrency mining scripts, cookies, and ad tracking scripts. It connects to the internet using an encrypted proxy server to hide a user’s browsing activity and IP address.

Epic is also designed to block calls that carry the risk of leaking your IP address, even if you’re using a virtual private network (VPN). Lastly, this browser comes with a feature that allows users to see who’s tracking them and what trackers have been blocked.

The key to protecting your online data and browsing the internet safely is a secure browser. As to what constitutes as the “best” secure browser depends largely on the needs of your organization. Call us now if you want to learn more about secure browsers as well as other security solutions you can implement to keep your data safe.

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