Reasons to Switch to Nero


Results Oriented

Three decades of helping clients achieve business objectives through technology.


Extraordinary Service

When an issue cannot be fixed remotely, we will send an engineer to site within 24 hours.


Strategic Excellence

Collective expertise across a wide variety of industries, technologies, software and hardware


Service Transition Process

At Nero Consulting we have designed a robust service transition process that will fully document all of your systems. Here are some of the steps:

  • Documenting contact details for your third-party software suppliers
  • Documenting passwords for all of your systems
  • Identifying VIP staff within your business who need special attention
  • Finding out about common problems and any ongoing issues you have
  • Understanding the history behind why systems were set up in a particular way
  • Meeting with key staff and understanding what your staff do on a day to day basis
  • Meeting with the old provider and learning key information about your systems

Common Objections for Switching IT Providers

We’re in contract

If you have agreed on Service Levels where issues have to be responded to in a fixed time, then you should receive reports detailing their performance against this. Either way, make sure you know when your contract is due for renewal and take them to task several months before this date - quite often they’ll improve until renewal and then service levels will drop again. Don’t be afraid to get quotes from a new provider in the months leading up to the renewal date.

Hidden costs

A good IT provider will provide you with a clear switching process to help you migrate at the lowest cost possible. Additionally, they will provide you with a full scope of their service so that you can budget appropriately.

Our staff won’t know who to call

At the start of any new support contract, it’s important that your staff know that the provider has been changed. Most importantly, they need to know who to call, who to email, and how to log a support ticket. You should get an email that you can circulate around your staff to print out. You should also expect the new provider to come on-site, or via video conferences if necessary, to meet with your staff and introduce themselves and the company.

How do we know if you have the skillset to take over?

Most business systems will run on core technologies which will be the same across many businesses. Technologies such as Microsoft Server, Office 365, VMWare, Exchange, Outlook, Windows, VPN, remote access are commonplace in most businesses. When switching to another IT service provider make sure both the engineers and the business hold the appropriate certifications.


Nero's Expertise and Technologies Areas

Nero Consulting is a top IT Service Provider in New York City.

  • Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Cybersecurity Phishing Simulators
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • VoIP