Are your servers multiplying quicker than your employees? Are you tired of wasting money on their cooling costs, storage space and maintenance? Well, now you can eliminate those costs completely with Virtualization by Nero Consulting. Virtualization enables your company to separate your servers from your in-house operations. That means you can free up space in your office because your server technology will be delivered to you via the Internet from our offsite location.

When you virtualize your technology you have the flexibility to transfer workloads from one server to another. That means that each server will always be running at its optimum performance.

While servers are one of the most popular IT resources to virtualize, you can also virtualize networks, storage, laptop hardware, operating systems and applications.

Virtualization solutions from Nero Consulting will:

  • Slash costs – electricity bills will be noticeably lower as you eliminate the need to purchase new servers by optimizing the ones you already own
  • Boost speed - applications, programs and files are more readily accessible, improving productivity
  • Help the environment - lower your carbon footprint by reducing your electricity usage
  • Reduce stress - if problems occur that result in downtime or a halt in operations, our recovery programs enable you to get back up and running fast

For those who aren’t ready for a complete cloud solution, Virtualization can be a great alternative. Call us today to learn how Virtualization can save your business money!