Compliance & Audit

  • HIPAA-compliant GAP Analysis - To conform to HIPAA’s 3 Safeguards, 22 standards, and 53 implementation specifications.
  • Meaningful Use Risk Analysis – The first item required by HIPAA and core requirement for Meaningful Use funding.
  • Business Continuity Planning – A HIPAA requirement and the key to your organizational survival.
  • Security Incident Management – Breach remediation, mitigation and management as required by HIPAA.

Enforcement in 2013 will have a major impact on healthcare providers as well as “non-covered entities”. Organizations subject to HIPAA must become proactive in their compliance efforts and understand that “voluntary compliance” is no longer the state of the regulatory environment. Specific actions involving comprehensive business process and technology efforts must be undertaken to achieve and maintain compliance in the future. Non-compliance with HIPAA brings risks of FINES, JAIL & LAWSUITS that can impact either individuals or corporate entities.

Consider these examples:

  • A 5-doctor practice was fined $100,000 for sending patient data through unsecure e-mail.
  • A State Health Department paid $1.7 million after they lost a single backup drive.
  • A Teaching Hospital paid $1.5 million for a stolen laptop that contained 3,600 unencrypted patient records

“All of these situations could have been avoided for a fraction of the cost with proper consultation and remediation. NERO Consulting will help you create a culture of compliance within your practice. We provide all the tools and training to take the steps to create documentation, policies, and monitoring for everyday activities in your office.”