A Game Changing Partnership: GameChange Solar Success Story

A Game Changing Partnership: GameChange Solar Success Story

GameChange Solar is a renewable energy company based in New York City with multiple offices across Europe and Asia. GameChange Solar (GCS) is inspired to leverage superior design, technology, and manufacturing innovation to lower solar energy costs.

Founded in 2012 the company has faced a fast-growing pace since its inception. As a result, they have invested in technology infrastructure to support their business operations, partnering with different managed service providers until they successfully engaged Nero Consulting to modernize their backend servers and overall systems infrastructure.

“We engaged with Nero Consulting about seven years ago, as a response to our business growth we knew we needed to modernize our technology, implement a more robust server and make our systems more sophisticated to be able to sustain the business. Since then, Nero has helped us build redundancy in our servers with disaster recovery and business continuity, helping us set new workstations as we grow, and strengthening our security posture” – GameChange Solar LLP

As GameChange Solar continued to open new offices and add new employees with growing technology demands, Nero was able to support the expansion of new workstations fully tailored to the specific network and systems.

“Adding new workstations was a challenging thing for us, we didn’t want to interrupt our employees’ daily activities, and Nero’s team was more than supportive in accommodating their work hours to get this done without interrupting our work” – Pam Ramirez, VP Customer Fulfillment - GameChange Solar

"Nero Consulting has truly grown with us, supporting our technology demands as we grew from an 8 person operation only operating domestically to now 100 person organization operating internationally" - Head of Sales Operations - GameChange Solar

As a leading cybersecurity advisor, member of the InfraGard group (Association between the FBI and the private sector to share information and intelligence to prevent cyberattacks), Nero’s strongest capabilities are in the cybersecurity front. GameChange Solar trusted their expertise in the subject to help them structure a layered cybersecurity strategy, that also includes business continuity planning.

On Cybersecurity:

“Cybersecurity was a big concern for us, every day we saw how businesses were being victims of ransomware attacks, and in our industry that can put us in a difficult position with our customers. Nero’s capabilities and expertise in this area was definitely of great advantage for us”

For the past seven years, Nero has assigned a team of engineers to support the daily operations of GCS, with a very low personal-turnover, Nero’s team has truly become an extension of their team, providing clear escalation points and personalized experience.

On Technology Advisement:

“In Nero, we truly have a technology lifecycle advisor. They never try to push systems or solutions to us, but rather always explain why a certain technology could be beneficial, and what other businesses in our industry are doing from a technology perspective. Ultimately, they adapt to our business needs, they don’t sell technology just for the sake of it”