Myths of Desktop Virtualization (Infographic)

For a few years now, virtualization has started to gain dominance as an IT innovation across most industries, allowing organizations to consolidate server resources, increase deployment responsiveness, and reduce overall IT costs. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)</a>, which hosts virtual desktops in a data center, is one approach that has sparked a lot of myths.

Top IT Service companies in NYC

There's no way to say, "this IT company is the best in New York,” because the best for you may be a mediocre option for someone else. Every Managed Service Provider (MSP) included in this list has its own people; preferred vendors; values and philosophies; and different levels of knowledge that make them “the best” IT service provider for certain businesses and “good options” for others.

Top technologies every NYC business should have beyond 2020

As things get back to "normal", businesses need to evaluate what worked, what didn't and what’s coming. Practically overnight, organizations across the world had to shift to a remote workforce, and very few were well prepared to face the challenge.

“In the early weeks of the lockdown, many businesses in New York City came to us in desperate need of setting a fully remote work environment" explains Anthony Oren, President of Nero Consulting, who's been working in the IT industry for over 10 years advising organizations on technology.

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How to enable windows defender? Support for New York Businesses

Here is a quick overview for how to enable Windows Defender in your Windows 10 devices:

Open the taskbar
Click the Windows Defender Icon (Shield or Castle depending on O.S)
This will open the Windows Defender Panel. Here look for the setting “Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus” which is underneath the folders of other settings.

Back to Workplace Guideliness for Businesses in New York

Managing our businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic continues being one of the biggest challenges of our time. At this stage, a return to “regular” work is imminent for many of us across New York City and the country in general, but going back to the office can be dangerous if it’s mishandled.