Retail Customer Spotlight

Take a look at two recently featured retail customers, Brookstone and Orchard Supply Hardware, who are both using Meraki APs and Switches to improve the shopping experiences they provide.

Here in Northern California, two names that are known in every household are Brookstone and Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH). What may be less widely known is the networking solution that helps power these organizations – you guessed it, these are both Meraki customers.

Creating a Mobile Security Strategy

Since the arrival of the first consumer-bought smartphones, enterprise security has been under threat. That all-important chain of defense against security risks has been undermined by its weakest link, people, in this case by using non-standard devices to conduct business and therefore making corporate data vulnerable to attack.

The New Standard for Business Email

The ecosystem around email has changed significantly and dramatically in just the last couple of years. Huge new business risks have come to the forefront. Today, there’s a “New Standard” for business email—one that requires servers to protect your business against everything from phishing attacks to legal challenges to the risks of an unpredictable climate.